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Iowa State Fair Fun Facts for Visitors
By Gail Leino

Des Moines, Iowa is the town that everyone knows about and remembers because it not only hosts the Iowa State Fair but itís the state capital as well. Weíve all learnt the name in grade school. The fair is an eleven day event held every year in the fall. Some of its more common popular attractions include the Butter Cow, a Double Ferris Wheel and the Fairgrounds Grandstand which is host to popular singers and musicians on a nightly basis during the fair.

The Corn Dog Kickoff is a lively auction event held each year where visitors can do some light food grazing while bidding on silent and live auction packages. The proceeds of the auction all go to helping restore the fairgrounds so visitors can eat, bid and relax knowing that their helping the fair.

The State Fair is very popular so you may at times find yourself trapped in crowds like a sardine in a tin can. Remember to stay calm and keep a sharp eye out for concession stands or edge areas where you can slip out of the crowds. If you prefer to stay out of the crowds as much as possible and like and eagleís eye view, check out the Skyliner Rides that carry visitors comfortably over the midway.

Those whoíve gotten tired out from all the walking involved at the fair can head to Legacy Terrace to sit on the Restoration style benches and enjoy the arching fountains. In the evening three foot tall pathway lights flicker on and guide visitors on their way.

Visitors can catch the park Ďní ride shuttles to and from the fair for a minimal price per person. Itís even possible to stay on the fairgrounds as they have lots of camping spots available for RVís and for tent camping. Itís possible to reserve a spot at the fair in advance but you must arrive on the first day of the fair and plan on staying for the entire fourteen days of the fair, otherwise itís a first come first serve basis.

Gail Leino is known throughout the internet world as Mrs. Party. She has become the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies with clever themes. Her simple party planning approach demostrates how to use proper manners while teaching etiquette with organizational skills. She shares lots of interesting fun facts. See travel vacations for more tips and holiday spot destinations.

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