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What Makes Milwaukee A Fun Place To Visit
Article written by: Stefi Branston

Are you making vacation plans? If so, you are probably taking a look at common destinations like Las Vegas, Disneryworld, and California. These are typical choices because you have pretty good idea ahead of time of what you are getting yourself into. The only problem with chosing these vacation spots is that everyone else does as well. Therefore you will be spending your time in crowded areas.

While these are great places to spend your money and precious vacation time, do you really want to be fighting with the thousands of other people that flock to the area every day? Hotel accommodations are more expensive along with rental car costs and dining.

But what if you could spend your vacation in a more relaxed atmosphere where you did not have to fight people for the basics? How about lounging on the shore of one of the biggest lakes in the world with all of the amenities of a large city but without the headaches? Milwaukee is just such a place.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a vacation? Yes, definitely. Milwaukee is Wisconsin's largest city. It is on the beatiful shoreline of Lake Michigan. There are festivals in the summer that attract tourists, fine food, and a bunch of fun activities.

One highlight of the festival activities is Cathedral Square. This square is close to Lake Michigan. There are several tasty, fun restauarants to dine in around this area. There is active night life and great shopping as well. You can take in the local culture by attending a free concert in the summer and eat out for a reasonable price. There is plenty to do in the winter, such as witness the breathtaking lights in Cathedral Square.

Are you a fan of animals? Take in the Milwaukee County Zoo. 3,000 animals call the zoo their home. It is a thrilling adventure for children and the entire family. There is a petting zoo and educational activities. Adults can exercise on the cross-country skiing trail.

Are you into art? If so, you will want to check out the Milwaukee Art Museum. It is close to Lake Michigan. It houses an extensive, varied collection of paintings, sculpture, and photography. If you are hungry they have a cafe to fill your stomach with delicious food. Throughout the year the museum has dancers and performers demonstrate their talents for your entertainment.

Milwaukee may not seem like the most exciting destination for your vacation. But isn't a vacation supposed to be relaxing? Too many times we find ourselves lured in by the glitz and glamour of some of the other more popular destinations simply because they have larger advertising budgets. But when we get there, we are confronted with hassle after hassle to the point that we cannot wait to get home. Milwaukee offers a great alternative to all of the bells and whistles of the other hot vacation spots and may just be the place to go if you actually want to sit back and unwind from a hectic year at work.

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