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Featured Attraction - Hiking at Jackson State Forest Indiana

The most popular destination hike at Jackson State Forest is the one mile hike up to Pinnacle Peak. At 966 feet above sea level, this is the second highest spot in the park. For this trail you will want some good hiking shoes. Sandals, flip flops and dress shoes are not at all suitable as this trail is pretty rugged. It is wide, well marked, and has a good surface most of the way, but there is a lot of climbing and descending. It is a challenging trail.

Trail One is the trail which leads up to this spot, the trailhead is from the Pinnacle Peak parking area, at the northeast end of the park. Just follow the Main Forest Road all the way back, park on the left. The Pinnacle Peak Shelter House is located just a little further on, a great place for a family reunion or gathering. There is a playground, primitive campground, fishing in Knob Lake, and lots of other trails here, too, so it is a good place to spend the day.

The trail begins by climbing rather steeply to the Old Tower Site, the first landmark along the trail. An old fire tower was here at one time, some of the old concrete supports still protruding from the ground. At this point, you will want to take the left fork, the right travels over to High Point, about one quarter mile distant...read more »

Featured Attraction - Things You Must Do When Visiting Cleveland Ohio

The city of Cleveland, Ohio is one of the more popular cities to visit in the midwestern region of the United States. The city truly offers something for everyone and has proven itself over and over again as a worthwhile destination. The city has a rich history and offers a variety of attractions to entertain almost anyone. Few people are left wanting something else to do after a trip to Cleveland, Ohio.

Five things you must do when traveling to Cleveland, Ohio...read more »

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