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Indianapolis, Indiana

One of the gems of Indiana's Circle City is the Indianapolis Zoo located at 1200 W. Washington Street in Indianapolis. With 350 species of animals living in natural habitats at the Zoo nature always offers something unexpected and exciting to see. The Indianapolis Zoo's newest exhibit showcases the enchanting underwater world of Pipefish, Seadragons, and Seahorses in the Waters Building. Looking in the tank we strained to spot one of these colorful creatures. But wait... what's this...

Master's of disguise. The unusual creature we'd mistaken for a leafy piece of seaweed is actually a Seadragon. This strange creature uses its natural ability to disguise to hide from predators. The Seadragon lives in the cold waters off the coast of Australia and New Zealand, and like its relatives the Pipefish and Seahorses it is a master of disguise. These amazing fish have gills to breathe underwater and can range in size from 1/8 of an inch to seven inches in length. Another unique characteristic of Seahorses is their pouch, similar to a Kangaroo's, where their young are kept safe...read more »

Richmond Indiana

Richmond is the county seat of Wayne County, Indiana. It was founded by Quakers from North Carolina who settled along the Whitewater River Gorge. Pioneers flowed through the community via the National Road (U.S. 40).

Nearby Fountain City is home to the Levi Coffin House (http://www.waynet.org/nonprofit/coffin.htm), often referred to as the 'Grand Central Station' of the Underground Railroad. Richmond is also known as being the 'cradle of recorded jazz' since many famous artists recorded here at the Gennett Studios in the 1920's...read more »

Indianapolis Indiana

The bustling metropolis of Indianapolis, Indiana, has a reputation for having the most sporting events in the country. The world renowned Indianapolis 500 auto race brings spectators from around the country and the world to the Raceway. Tucked away inside this modern urban area are museums, amusement parks and gourmet dining that will please even the most discriminating palates.

The Children's Museum offers a variety of interactive activities for young and old alike. SpaceQuest Planetarium has antique carousel ride, the CineDome which gives viewers the sensation of experiencing what they see, live performances throughout the museum, and the invitation to dig in with both hands, touch and feel the exhibits included in the five floors of this special museum put it high on the list of things to do in Indy....read more »

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