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Explore The Fireworks of Glass At Children's Museum of Indianapolis

by Iris Dean, Journalist & Photographer for USA Travel Magazine

Think back to childhood stories like "Alice in Wonderland," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "The Secret Garden." Do you remember the wonder as Alice, Charlie and Mary stepped into a magical place where color was bolder, flowers were larger and everything seemed to sparkle? Your experience will be similar as you come face-to-face with some of renowned artist Dale Chihuly's most dazzling glass creations.

Dale Chihuly's dazzling glass creationsFireworks of Glass is the largest permanent sculpture of Chihuly blown glass ever created. The awe-inspiring exhibit features a 43-foot Tower which rises above a floating glass ceiling. Beneath guests will find a unique hands-on glassblowing exhibit for children and families. Fireworks of Glass is a permanent world-class work of art for children and families to explore, learn about and create their own works of art.

Travel Back In Time At The Dinosphere

Travel Back In Time At The Dinosphere The Children's Museum of Indianapolis features 11 major galleries that explore the physical and natural sciences, history, world cultures and the arts. One of the most popular exhibits with kids is the Dinosphere, where kids of all ages can experiment and explore more about dinosaurs at the interactive learning stations throughout this unique attraction. Search for clues about dinosaurs and learn how they lived and died. Explore a bit of history by touching real fossils and piecing together dinosaur anatomy while searching for T. rex's "dinner".

Bucky, A Teenage Tyrannosaurus Rex

Travel Back In Time At The Dinosphere Imagine coming face to face with a real Tyrannosaurus Rex. At the Children's Museum of Indianapolis travelers will do just this with a unique exhibit which showcases one of the largest displays of real juvenile and family dinosaur fossils in the United States. Younger children will enjoy dressing-up like baby dinosaurs and exploring the hands-on activities. Along with some of the most notable specimens in the world assembled for the Dinosphere are special programs to learn more about prehistoric creatures like: The first juvenile T. rex on display in a museum is the centerpiece, Bucky, a teenage Tyrannosaurus rex.

Sink Your Teeth Into Some Dino Fun At The Children's Museum in Indianapolis

The Children's Museum in Indianapolis, located at 3000 N. Meridian St. in Indianapolis is one of the largest children's museum in the United States. Rated the #1 children's museum in the nation by Child Magazine, The Children's Museum in Indianapolis is open Tuesday - Sunday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. To explore more about visiting this wonderful exhibit and other new exhibits coming to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis call (317) 334-3322 or call 1-800-820-6214. You can also visit their website at: http://www.childrensmuseum.org

About the Author

Iris Dean, Journalist & Photographer for USA Travel Magazine, http://www.usatravelmagazine.com, who travels the country in search of interesting places off-the-beaten path. Discover places to dine, shop, and vacation destinations, check local weather, play Sudoku, read tidbits of News, book and travel product reviews, and order a Free State Vacation Guides at http://www.usatravelmagazine.com.

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