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Iowa Real Estate - Farmland, Corn and Family Living
By Raynor James

Iowa is definitely a farming state and corn is the dominant crop. Fortunately, Iowa real estate wonít take a large bite out of your bank account.


Iowa is known for predominantly being a farming state and some people might view this as a bit boring. Such an assumption would be incorrect as Iowa has a lot to offer in other areas including museums, historic sites, river sports and a good bit of fun on large casino gambling boats. Iowa definitely provides for slower pace of life, but that isnít so bad in these hectic times.

Iowa City

Home to the University of Iowa, Iowa City has a definite college town atmosphere. Outdoor cafes litter the city and as do collections of coffee shops and odd little stores. Walking in Iowa City is highly recommended. You can expect to stroll through tree-lined streets full of families and students casually getting on with their day.

Des Moines

The capital of Iowa, Des Moines is located near the merge of the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers. The city isnít so notable for its attractions as it is for a general atmosphere. Set on rolling hills, many of the neighborhoods are of the traditional white picket fence variety. Turning to celebrity trivia, John Wayne was born in Des Moines. On the business front, Des Moines is farming and insurance dominated with the city being the home of the third most number of insurance companies in the world. If youíre a first time homebuyer raising a family, you could do far worse than Des Moines.

Iowa Real Estate

Iowa real estate is some of the cheapest in the country. A single family home will cost a little over $200,000 on average in Iowa City. The same home will set you back roughly $240,000 in Des Moines. Unfortunately, the appreciate rate for Iowa in 2005 was a disappointing 5.5 percent.

Raynor James is with the FSBO site - FSBOAmerica.org - homes for sale by owner. Visit our home buying page to view and buy Iowa real estate.

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