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Manufacturing Powerhouse Milwaukee, Wisconsin
by Howard Giske

Milwaukee is a medium sized city is south-eastern Wisconsin, on Lake Michigan, with a population of almost 600,000, and 2,000,000 people in its metropolitan area. It is sometimes known as the brew city, for historically being the home base of several well-known beer breweries. Miller Brewery still has its headquarters and a large brewery in the city. Fortune 500 companies in Milwaukee include Johnson Controls, Northwestern Mutual, Manpower Inc., Kohl's, Harley-Davidson, Rockwell Automation, and MGIC Investments. In fact, the Milwaukee metropolitan area ranks high in the United States in terms of the number of Fortune 500 company headquarters located there. Milwaukee also has a large number of financial service firms, particularly those specializing in mutual funds and transaction processing systems, and a disproportionate number of publishing and printing companies. To this day, a fairly high percentage, over 20% of the workforce is in the manufacturing sector. Milwaukee homes are located in a diverse assortment of neighborhoods.

Milwaukee's Central Business district is known as Eastown and includes a number of new skyscrapers such as the Northwest Mutual Life Building and of the U.S. Bank Center. Milwaukee's historic city hall was built in 1895 and reflects the design of a German city hall of the period. It is in an ornate German Renaissance revival style, and is topped by a bell tower. Also on the East side of town is the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The renovation of the Milwaukee art museum opened in 2001, where the architecture of the museum itself is a work of modern art. The new wing, the Quadracci Pavilion, is designed by Santiago Calatrava and it consists of a 90-foot high glass reception hall which has on its roof a Burke Brise Soleil, which is a huge sunscreen that can be raised during the day, and lowered at night and other times, with both utility, and the effect of a large moving sculpture. The "wings" also flap open at noon, for visitor's enjoyment. The full wing-span of this structure is 217 feet, wider than a Boeing 747, and weighs 90 tons. Museum collections go from ancient art, to early European art to Modern art. Milwaukee is also home to the Pottawatomie bingo casino, and its Northern Lights Theatre is known for its sensational Las Vegas style shows.

The Miller Brewery is still open and has its headquarters in Milwaukee, where visitors can take a tour of the plant. The lovely old Pabst mansion, built in 1892, is an historical site and a tribute to the grandeur of Milwaukee's beer industry in its heyday. It also has on display a rare art collection.

The University Hill neighborhood, also known as Avenues West, is the home of Marquette University. This area is west of downtown, and has been undergoing a substantial amount of urban renewal and gentrification. For example, the Ambassador Hotel has been totally refurbished and turned into a first class establishment. Marquette University is a private Catholic College run by the Jesuit order. The University is known for its top Nursing education program and other medical school programs. It also has a respectable law school and business school. Milwaukee also is the hometown to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team, and the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team.

About the Author

Howard Giske writes on nationwide real estate. Howard Giske writes on real estate for http://www.millionsaver.comFor more information on Milwaukee homes

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