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Missouri is a central part of the United States and is surrounded on all sides by the states of Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Visitors to Missouri can enjoy a wide variety of attractions as a result of several distinct regions within the state. St. Louis is the largest city in Missouri and is located at the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers which has earned the city the nickname Gateway to the West. Another popular destination for all types of travelers is Kansas City which features several museums and amusement parks. If travelers want to have some outdoor activities then a good location to go is the Osage Lakes area or the Ozark Mountains. Where you are into indoor attractions such as museums or outdoor adventures such as hiking, tours and wildlife excursions then you are sure to find what you want in Missouri...read more »

Branson Missouri

Perfect for families, entertainment-lovers, and pleasure seekers in search of a laid-back, fuss-free vacation, Branson, Missouri has confidently taken center stage as one of the most popular tourist sites not just in the Midwest, but in the country. For an old-fashioned retreat styled with a few modern touches, check out this bustling beehive of boisterous fun located in southern Missouri.

A number of factors contributed to Bransonís evolution from sleepy town to happening tourist destination, including business development, nearby dam activity that led to lake formation, and a novel called Shepard of the Hills that celebrates the settlers and the landscape of long-ago Branson. All of this plus a little pluck led to the brightly-lit, ever-active city of today, where you are welcomed to take in a show or two, fill yourself full of delicious food, or head out to the lake for some quality time with Mother Nature....read more »

Kansas City
Strolling along the streets of Kansas City, passing fountain after fountain you might think you are visiting Rome. Kansas City has more fountains than that famous Italian location. As a travel destination Kansas City has much to offer the music lover, the sports lover, the art lover....and all lovers.

In the early 1800s the area was inhabited by the Kansa American Indians. Original settlers decided to call their town Kansas. The construction of a new port along the Missouri River in the 1830's to facilitate the shipping of trade goods and supplies as well as settlers brought rapid growth to this town. In time, state lines divided the town and residents into two independent entities. Long past are the cattle pens and stacks of raw materials that were distributed to the town of Westport on the Santa Fe Trail.

Music lovers will find many jazz clubs and old establishments once frequented by the likes of Count Bassie and Charlie Parker still providing quality entertainment...read more »

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