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The Best Dog Parks of Nebraska
By Michael Louis

A dog is a man's best friend. A lot of families adopt dogs for their kids, or as companions. Because of everyone's innate love of dogs, a lot of states are constructing dog parks for these beloved pets.

Dog parks are conceptualized in 2002 and have flourished ever since. County officials and its constituents had worked hard to support and to establish the first dog park in Ashland. The success of that dog park has been the start of its rise in popularity all over the continent.

In Nebraska, there are four major dog parks the state boasts about. Nebraska has never forgotten the unnoted roles of dogs in the society. They have built places of tributes for them. Let's take a look at each of the dog park built within the state:

1. The Beatrice Pet Park. This one's located on Highway 77, Beatrice. They have two park areas, separated from each other by a fence. One park is relatively larger than the other. Both areas have poop bags near the entrance. Each is fully equipped with picnic tables. Trees are everywhere providing shade. Dogs can be taken off leash.

2. The Barking Lot. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, this is also one place where dogs can be left unleashed. Being so, canines can freely run and walk around, or play with other dogs. The area is enclosed and is very safe for your pets. The park is near Kelly Softball Complex and the Tranquility Park.

3. Holmes Lake Dog Run. In this place, dogs can take advantage of their huge dog run area. Aside from that, there is also a creek and an open field for them to play on. The place is really large. And it is also equipped with picnic tables and poop baskets. Trees also line the place. It is located on 70th Street, Lincoln.

4. TaHaZouka Park. This dog park located in Norfolk is divided into two areas as well. A smaller park is set for small dogs and the larger one is for big, active dogs. The entire land area is more than 2 acres. The place has double gates and is secured by a fence six feet high. A lot of amenities like water, picnic tables, benches, poop baskets, and trashcans. Trees provide shade. Off to the Elkhorn River side, family activities like camping, outdoor grilling, and canoeing can be done. They also have facilities like cabins, shelters, and bathrooms. This place is not just a place for your dogs to enjoy, but for you as well.

These are the popular dog parks of Nebraska. If you consider your dog as a real deal friend, why not treat it to one of these places? He'll enjoy the company of other dogs in the area. Running and exercise is also going to be great for his muscles. You can also utilize the parks as training grounds for your dogs. If you are into producing a champion dog, here is one place you can reward him with at after a hard day's work.

Dogs do need recreation just like humans. And since dogs have always been a part of families, these areas are just the perfect places for them. Dogs would definitely enjoy the deal. And you will surely enjoy it as well.

Michael Louis is a dog lover with a passion for knowledge. This passion has made him a successful publisher of the-dog-stop.com. This site is your one stop information resource for dogs.

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