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Northern Wisconsin Cabin Rentals

By Jennifer Weiss

If you have decided to journey into the wilderness and experience all that nature has to offer, consider northern Wisconsin for your ideal outdoor vacation destination. There are countless lakes, streams, and ponds to support any water activity you can think of in addition to the numerous lush forests and state parks scattered throughout that allow for real hiking and biking challenges. Throw in the beautiful bays, the jaw dropping cliffs, and towering trees, and you have the makings of a refreshing and revitalizing outdoor adventure.

Since you certainly did not come to northern Wisconsin to sit in a dreary hotel room located off the interstate, try accommodations that facilitate your outdoor pursuits. When the waterfront is steps out the back door and you have a large deck from which you can take in all the sights and sounds, it becomes a lot easier to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. You can wade into the water if the call of the waves becomes too much and simply walk back up to your lodging when the day is coming to an end or if the grumble of your stomach beckons for a snack.

If this sounds like the relaxing experience you are looking for, try a vacation rental in any of the beautiful northern Wisconsin cities. Door County cabin rentals range from rustic to luxurious, depending on the kind of wilderness adventure you have in mind. If you prefer to set out for a day of fishing, hunting, or hiking and return much later with a hearty meal in hand, then a small cabin or cottage will suit your style and needs. However, if you are looking to rejuvenate yourself in the fresh, northern air, a luxurious cabin or private beachfront home can add convenient and entertaining activities to your vacation.

You do not have to sacrifice in a cabin rental; you can enjoy all the comforts of home within the beautiful surroundings of northern Wisconsin. You can find cabins that have media rooms, game rooms (complete with pool tables), multiple dining areas, outdoor grills, fire pits, and some of the most breathtaking views out every window. After a day out on the water, relax on a deck chair as you watch the sun slowly sink into the lake before you. With so many options in the house, everyone in your family can unwind in an activity of interest and prepare for another day full of outdoor fun.

Northern Wisconsin cabins or vacation rentals also make it easy to travel in large groups and fit everyone into one centralized location. There are homes that can accommodate up to twenty-one individuals at a time, so planning a large family trip or family reunion in this beautiful area is no longer a daunting task. And since you are ideally situated on the lakefront, it is convenient for those who do not wish to participate in a particular activity to stay behind when the beach is in the backyard to entertain them. Gather around at sunset for a bonfire and simply enjoy your time together away from the distractions of everyday life.

A northern Wisconsin vacation rental is a great launching point for any outdoor pursuit. If you intend on fishing, boating, canoeing, or swimming, simply head out to the beach in your backyard or to one of the nearby streams. If hiking and biking are more your tastes, there are state and county parks around every corner to provide you with information about the most noteworthy sights and ecological features. No matter what your plans, it can be you and nature every step of the way during your vacation in a cabin rental.

For the quiet, nature-filled vacation of your dreams, begin your search for a northern Wisconsin cabin or cottage rental today. You can have all the privacy you desire and all the outdoor activities you could ever need at the tip of your fingers.

HomeAway.com has the most comprehensive selection of vacation rental homes on the Internet. For an alternative lodging option, look into a Northern Wisconsin cabin rental for your next trip to Wisconsin.

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